36 days of type
Scope: funky typeface 

So far, it's needless to say that geometry, form and "gestalt but soft" (as one once pointed out) are my things. In 2023 I decided to join 36 Days Of Type to challenge myself in creating funky alphabet which is basically extension of Funky Studio logotype. 

At the beginning I had 5 out of 36 letters done and dusted thanks to the logotype. For the rest of them basic assumptions were:
First and foremost: consistent system, balancing from the letters background to the letters in their classic form. 
Hence: letter readability balanced in its abstract form, as a fundamental matter in case of a typeface.
Last but not least: overall funkiness, because this is what Funky Studio is all about. 

Thanks to the @36daysoftype challenge I remind myself annually that there are some tasks I can do from A to the madafunky Z ❥​​​​​​​
Photo: Julia Michalczewska ❥
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